We are PCG Women’s Ministries.


Absolute.  Connected.  Global.  Relevant.

The Women’s Ministries Department exists to empower women to fulfill their God-ordained destinies. We are God’s daughters and we will make a difference in our world in these last days.
  • We are ABSOLUTE in our message that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God for all generations.
  • We are a CONNECTED body; each member is fitly joined together.
  • We are a GLOBAL outreach, ministering to women around the world.
  • We are RELEVANT, ministering to women of all ages and cultures.
 To register your Women’s group, please visit the National Women’s page at: http://www.pcg.org/#!wmregistration/cokd
 Your registration is due to the district office no later than March 30, 2016.

Ahikam Children’s Home – http://www.pcg.org/#!wmprojects/c1nyt

Ahikam is a home founded in the city of Poptun, Peten, Guatemala in 2010 for girls who are in trouble. Most of the girls have been molested, or their sisters have. Many of the girls have been on the streets, or Ahikam has intervened to keep them from ending up there. Their caretakers have died, abandoned them, or turned on them. Around 15% of these girls are pregnant when they arrive at Ahikam. The average age of the girls is 13 years old.

Rescue Her – http://www.rescueher.org/

Rescue Her is non-profit charity that exists to fight human trafficking. We want to take a stand against injustice, be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, and help rescue those that are held captive. We want to raise awareness about human trafficking, fight for justice, and be a place that allows those that want to take action to do so.”



Women’s Empowerment Weekend/Girl Talk
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